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Man must rise above the Earth—to the top of the atmosphere and beyond—for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives.


With that being said, I’m making an effort to get my pilot’s license. However, this quest will cost me roughly $8,000. Because of the lack of funds, and the internet’s love of all things good, I’m reaching out to everyone, and will eventually create a KickStarter to get things more organized. If anyone’s interested in helping, or even reblogging, it would be greatly appreciated. All my personal funding will be going to this until my goal is reached.

Help my bruddah

With everything going on in our lives…

I wish he would just assure me he’s truly got the intent to marry me. We talk about it and he wants to and whatnot but idk if he will ever actually ask. I’m sure he’ll just do what he did when we got back together this last time and change our relationship status without telling me. Haha. Idk. I’m being emo and girly. I love him and want him forever. Don’t comment with some douchebaggery, please. I’m just venting the one place I can. 💗

At least he told me…

He was going to be a complete douche and stop talking to me… Wtf is up with the rest of you?! Idk why I fucking try anymore… I just feel neglected and foolish.

I quit smoking. Am on a job hunt. Changed my degree. Have more secrets than a cemetery. Am glad none of you are part of this… *sarcasm*

I’m so beat.

Always so beat.
Everything requires so much from me and the only thing that seems to give back is parenting… She is the sunshine of my life and reminds me of why I even bother with anything… Work, life, everything…

Just so exhausted. So sick. So tired. So sick and tired.

I need a better job… Desperately.


Do dumb exes think, months later, that they could or would possibly be relevant at all? Not like an ex someone was bffs with… More so someone to pass the time with for two or three months… After being blatantly told by multiple people to back the fuck off, why would you ever think your drunken phone calls, messages, and overall pathetic existence would matter? Get over yourself.

Le sigh. Dumb bitches.

Reading a little then sleeping. Work until Tuesday. Joyyyyyyy.

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